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  • Essential oils are the purest and most potent part of plants, including flowers, roots, bushes and fruits. They are lovingly harvested from farm-grown and wild crafted, and are carefully processed by the most appreciated methods. Plants can heal themselves and are able to form their own community of support to protect, assist and provide help to one another. They respond to sounds and lights.  It might be hard to believe but plants not only respond to sound but they also produce their own sound.  While they may not be able to produce sounds like humans and  animals, plants use vibration and sound around them to communicate and  to inform them about any imminent danger from nearby. For thousands of years, plants had been used in all of the historical Ancient cultures but, were just rediscovered in our modern era, after WWII. Essential Oils from plants naturally support and enhance our physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

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  • A healthy person is subjected to over 300 types of synthetic chemicals daily and 80 of those are before breakfast. They are hidden in personal hygiene products such as tooth paste, shampoo and etc. Recently, research has proved that the compound materials in household cleaning products that were involuntarily inhaled by workers in the cleaning profession caused more harm to them than smoking 20 cigarettes a day. Many Nail Salon workers reportedly became severely ill after long years working in this industry also due to toxic chemicals in nail products. These harsh substance used in cosmetic and beauty merchandises were barely regulated. Thousands of unsafe chemical were banned from the market in Europe and Japan but not in the U.S. Commitment to lifestyle change in order to remove poisonous household products used inside of the home is essential to everyone's life. 

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